How To Prepare Your Tween For A Successful First Gynecology Exam

Now that your daughter is about to hit her teenage years, it's time to think about scheduling her first gynecology exam. A gynecologist will help your daughter better understand how her body works, and how best to take care of it. A gynecology visit by the age of 13 will also help to catch any problems that might be present before they become too serious. But heading to the gynecologist's office for the first time can be pretty intimidating – here are a few ways you can ease the pressure and stress of the ordeal:

Getting Your Shots For International Travel? Don'T Forget The Flu

In the United States, winter is the season most associated with the flu. That's why the CDC recommends that people get their annual vaccine in the fall to prepare for the upcoming season. But if you're going to be traveling internationally, "flu season" can mean a lot of different things. That's why it's important, especially if you're in a group at high risk for influenza complications, to get a flu shot before traveling overseas.

3 Signs That Your Baby Has An Ear Infection

Did you know that ear infections are one of the most common reasons that parents bring children to the doctor? This is especially the case for young babies and infants. Since an infant cannot communicate and tell you what hurts, it is very important that you make sure that you are looking for the right signs so you can detect a problem early on and spare the child pain and complications from an ear infection.