How To Prepare Your Tween For A Successful First Gynecology Exam

Now that your daughter is about to hit her teenage years, it's time to think about scheduling her first gynecology exam. A gynecologist will help your daughter better understand how her body works, and how best to take care of it. A gynecology visit by the age of 13 will also help to catch any problems that might be present before they become too serious. But heading to the gynecologist's office for the first time can be pretty intimidating ā€“ here are a few ways you can ease the pressure and stress of the ordeal:

Have a Preparation Meeting

It's a good idea to make sure that your tween knows exactly what to expect when they walk through the door at their new gynecologist's office. This will give her some insight into how the process works, so she isn't worried about whether she will do or say the right things during her appointment.

Ask the gynecologist for a list of questions your daughter will be asked during her initial appointment so you can go over them together, which should put her at ease and make her feel more prepared. You should also talk about what might happen at the appointment, including how the physical examination is done. It's also important to make it clear to your tween that she can feel comfortable about talking to her doctor about any concerns or questions she has.

Check out Books from the Library

The library offers a plethora of resources that can be used to educate your daughter about "the facts of life" and to provide visual facts about the human female body and what exactly happens at the gynecologist's office. Go through the books together so questions can be asked as they come up. This will give you an opportunity to teach your daughter that talking about her journey into womanhood shouldn't be an embarrassing or taboo topic. You can also use the books to help your daughter form a list of questions to take with her to the appointment.

Schedule a Preliminary Session

If your daughter expresses signs of uncertainty about her first appointment, consider setting up a preliminary meeting so she can meet the doctor before her actual appointment takes place. This will give her an opportunity to get to know the doctor, which should give her some peace of mind about what to expect during her examination. And this meeting is the perfect time for your daughter to have some of her most pressing questions answered by an expert.

These techniques will not only prepare your daughter for her big day at the doctor's office, they'll help you to increase your bond with one another too. For more information, contact a local clinic that specializes in gynecology in your area.